School Sagas

The SCHOOL SAGAS narrative podcast traces racial and class discord at the schoolhouse — where we cheer and learn together, where the gap between textbook “equality” and real world implementation is on display. 

The memories of interviewees, ranging in age from seventeen to seventy, help measure what changes over generations and what heritage lessons continue to be instilled.

Our Season One

Season One is set in Caddo Parish, Louisiana where the last Confederate flag was lowered signifying the South’s surrender after the Civil War. 

With a majority Black population but an ultra-conservative business community, Caddo schools remained primarily segregated until the spring of 1970—fifteen years after Brown v Board of Education declared separate-but-equal facilities unconstitutional.

Episode 1 – The Rebel in Us All

In Episode OneThe Rebel in Us All, Black students were transferred in 1970 from the newer, larger Herndon High (named for the Black philanthropist who bequeathed money for “Negro education”) to North Caddo High, Home of the Rebels. It was . . . awkward.

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